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ACS collaborates to address health inequities in communities of color

Bank of America health equity initiative to focus work in 11 communities.

Through a powerful collaboration, ACS, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and University of Michigan School of Public Health are joining together, supported by Bank of America, to change the health trajectory of communities of color and advance healthy outcomes. The $25 million, four-year initiative will be uniquely tailored to address the leading causes of death in communities of color - heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

This effort will focus on three key areas to advance healthy outcomes for underserved people of color and their communities: education and capacity building for health systems and partners; increasing access to health screenings and preventive care; and advocating for greater health equity with national, local, and state leaders. The collaborating organizations will work with partners on the ground to design customized programs in 11 focus markets.

“Data tells us that the same factors that align with health equity directly connect with economic mobility. Structural racism, quality education opportunities, affordable housing and transportation and secure employment with fair pay and sick leave directly impact access to the preventive resources and quality health care needed to improve outcomes in these communities,” said Tawana Thomas-Johnson, senior vice president and chief diversity officer. “It’s a moral imperative that we work together with communities to address these health needs and improve public policy to ensure no one is disadvantaged based on who they are or where they live.”

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