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BrightEdge releases performance results

ACS' impact venture capital fund reports $9.7 million in investment gains.

BrightEdge, LLC, ACS' donor-funded impact venture capital fund, has released a report detailing performance results. The fund reported a net asset value of about $77 million, including $9.7 million in realized and unrealized investment gains on $18.5 million invested capital through the end of 2021. 

BrightEdge invests in for-profit companies developing therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and technologies to eradicate cancer. ACS created BrightEdge in 2019. As CEO Dr. Karen Knudsen put it in a press release, “BrightEdge serves ACS in two ways – one is the near-term benefit of investing in developing cancer-focused therapies and technologies. The other is the long-term benefit as a source of increased funding for our mission.”

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