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End-of-year advertising campaign launched Nov. 1

New ACS campaign focuses on “Meant to be Together” idea.

The American Cancer Society is launching a national end-of-year advertising campaign Tuesday in markets across the county. The campaign is designed to build empathy among those who don’t realize their lives have been immediately impacted by cancer and ACS by making cancer personal to them, ultimately motivating people to donate to the organization.

The campaign leverages what ACS has learned from recent brand refresh work, Chief Marketing Officer Kymm Martinez said Tuesday in a message to team members and volunteer leaders. “This compelling and breakthrough paid media campaign builds on the winning insight that ACS is present at every cancer moment, in every cancer journey,” she said.

The core message for the campaign focuses on the fact that donations to ACS “ensure no cancer journey, present or future, has to be walked alone.” A new TV spot uses the campaign idea “Meant to be Together.” Be sure to check out the sneak peek of the video. 

“Showcasing a caregiver and the emotional moment when cancer interrupts the normal, everyday life of a younger person is not only relatable, but it also reinforces ACS’ awareness that a cancer diagnosis often impacts multiple lives,” Kymm said in Tuesday’s message. “Featuring our Hope Lodge program also brings fresh and new information while connecting ACS to direct patient support and tangible impact via an authentic and personal approach.”

The end-of-year campaign will also include a variety of paid media assets on TV, streaming audio, digital display, social, search, and out-of-home advertising – in both English and Spanish. Creative assets will be repurposed to create new PSAs with a “learn more” call to action. Additional year-end work will focus on Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. More information and resources for that campaign will be available soon. 

“As you know, many people are aware of the amazing work we do as an organization on the research front. With this new campaign, we shift the focus toward the positive impact the American Cancer Society has on the lives and relationships of people affected by cancer,” Kymm said. 

Team members and volunteers are encouraged to engage with and amplify content on national social media channels, beginning Nov. 1. 

“This campaign is an opportunity for ACS to shine a light on our important work during a critical time in the nonprofit space,” Kymm said. “We are excited to watch our newly refreshed brand come to life.”

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