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ACS Global Cancer Prevention team launches new website

Resources at can help stakeholders increase HPV vaccination rates.

The American Cancer Society’s Global HPV Cancer Free program, which focuses on increasing HPV vaccination in lower- and middle-income countries to eliminate cervical cancer, has launched its latest digital resource, This new website features more than two dozen resources and tools designed by, and for, medical societies, ministries of health, and civil society organizations in lower-resourced communities, where women are disproportionately affected by cervical cancer. Nine out of 10 women dying from cervical cancer live in these communities. 

The Global HPV Cancer Free program collaborated with key stakeholders in India and Kenya to develop the resources based on behavioral science, to help increase HPV vaccination in lower-resourced communities.

The site also features unique behavior change communications research with physicians, parents, and community health workers - all key stakeholders in HPV vaccination of adolescent girls.  

“We have the science and tools to usher in the first generation of women free from cervical cancer,” says Meenu Anand, ACS director, Global Cancer Prevention. “We are thrilled to offer this website and its resources to support organizations with their efforts to increase HPV vaccinations by getting more physicians to routinely and confidently recommend the vaccine and parents to demand their children be vaccinated. Doing so will help communities to take much-needed action towards eliminating cervical cancer.”

By providing access for medical societies, ministries of health, and community organizations in lower-resourced countries to actionable tools to support local HPV vaccination efforts, ACS is furthering our commitment to creating a world free of HPV cancers, starting with cervical cancer.

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