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Interactive map tells lung cancer story

ACS Data Science GIS-driven project aids in decision making.

The Data Science Geographic Information Services (GIS) team at ACS has published Georgia Lung Cancer Roundtable (GLCRT) Story Map on NLCRT’s (National Lung Cancer Roundtable) website, continuing a valuable partnership.

Lung cancer varies across states, each facing specific challenges and disparities requiring tailored solutions. The GLCRT Story Map leverages cutting-edge technology that integrates mapping and multimedia to tell the story of lung cancer in Georgia through an introduction to the roundtable, its members, mission, initiatives, and events, as well as the challenges, successes, gaps, and needs of the State. 

The Story Map includes videos from former and current leaders of the roundtable. Viewers can interact with graphs and dashboards, including both publicly available surveillance and risk factor data, including results from a research project about access to lung cancer screening led by Dr. Liora Sahar (ACS) and Dr. Robert Smith (ACS). 

The Georgia Lung Cancer (GALC) dashboard within the Story Map is designed to support evidence-based decision-making and planning interventions by making relevant data readily available, such as a bi-variate map showing mortality rates and access to screening within the same layer, enabling easier data integration for decision-making.

GIS team members Lisa Douangchai Wills and Dr. Liora Sahar worked closely with ACS state partnership leaders for Georgia, Jessica Davis, and Tonya Phillips, to gather, process, design, and compile the Story Map. “As the ACS lead for the Georgia Lung Cancer Roundtable, I have been able to support a data-driven approach for strategic decisions through my collaboration with the ACS GIS team. The new story map was presented to the GLCRT and was received with excitement. It is critical to have the latest and most accurate information available in a format where we can help ensure efforts are focused in the geographical areas where we can have the greatest impact as we leverage limited state resources in Georgia. The more we understand what the data tells us, the more strategic we can be as a roundtable to drive mortality rates down!” says Jessica Davis.

To view additional maps and for more information, visit the NLCRT website. Contact the GIS team for any questions about the geospatial projects and interactive tools.  

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