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You are invited to ‘Be the Impact’

Watch ACS leaders discuss why cancer screening supports Black communities.

All ACS team members and volunteers are invited to watch an engaging digital roundtable discussion titled Be the Impact: Why Cancer Screening Supports Black Communities via Facebook. 

Hosted by Novartis in partnership with Blavity, to support the American Cancer Society's public awareness cancer screening campaign, this exciting event aims to raise awareness within the Black community about the importance of regular cancer screening to support the early detection of cancer.

During this informative session, we heard from esteemed panelists who shared their unique perspectives on the impact of a cancer diagnosis on a person and their loved ones. The discussion delved into various crucial topics, including the importance of talking to a trusted healthcare professional about the cancer screening tests you should consider, the disparities in cancer care faced by Black individuals, and the initiatives undertaken by Novartis and ACS to address these health inequalities.

The distinguished panelists included Tawana Thomas Johnson, ACS senior vice president and chief diversity officer, who acted as moderator; Dr. Arif Kamal, ACS chief patient officer; Reshema Kemps-Polanco, executive vice president and US Head at Novartis Oncology; Tara Watt, a remarkable mother, content creator, elementary school teacher, and breast cancer survivor, and Jacky Wright, an inspiring producer, entrepreneur, and son of a breast cancer survivor.

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