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Volunteer Leadership Award winners honored for 2023

Scott Rollin and Paul C. Schroy III, MD, MPH, recognized in Atlanta.​

Congratulations to Scott Rollin and Paul C. Schroy III, MD, MPH, who were recently honored as the 2023 recipients of the American Cancer Society Volunteer Leadership Award at the national Volunteer Leadership Summit in Atlanta, GA. The Volunteer Leadership Award is the organization’s top volunteer award presented annually to up to two individuals who have served as a volunteer leader for enterprise-wide programs, initiatives, or board-level committees or task forces (other than as chair of the American Cancer Society Board of Directors), and to others who have provided long and distinguished service to ACS at the enterprise-wide level. Pictured above are Scott at right and Paul at left. 

Scott Rollinhas been a vocal champion for engaging volunteers in meaningful and strategic work at ACS for more than 20 years. He began his volunteer service in 1995 as a member of his local golf tournament committee after his father died from lung cancer. Since then, Scott has been actively involved with ACS at the local, regional, and national levels, serving as chair of our national golf event in the early 2000s, chairing the Twin Cities Hope Lodge capital campaign in 2005, and serving on the Governance Committee of the national board. In 2020, he was selected to serve as the co-chair of the newly formed Volunteer Impact Panel, or VIP. In this role, Scott was instrumental in developing the Area Board Gold Standard, which has now become a crucial tool in the management and mobilization of our Area Boards.

Scott also led the charge to reimagine our Change Champions into “Volunteer Impact Ambassadors,” who support the volunteer-staff partnership at all levels of the organization, and he oversaw the development of the Leadership Volunteer online platform, ACS Connect. Scott served as host and emcee of the virtual Volunteer Impact Series in 2021 and the Volunteer Leadership Summit in 2022. His vision and guidance have helped transform the summit into an annual strategic planning event for our leadership volunteers. Outside of his work on national workgroups, Scott serves as chair of the Minnesota Area Board and is active in his local market and the North Region. 

Paul C. Schroy III, MD, MPH, pictured at left, is a founding member of the American Cancer Society National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (ACS NCCRT) and continues to serve as an active and influential volunteer. Since 1997, he has held numerous leadership positions for the ACS NCCRT, including current co-chair of the Family History and Early-Age Onset Colorectal Cancer Strategic Priority Team, former member of the Steering Committee, former co-chair of the Public Education Task Group, former co-chair of the Screening 65+ Task Group, as well as former chair and current member of the ACS NCCRT Nomination Committee. Dr. Schroy has been instrumental in guiding the work of the ACS NCCRT and continues to be a vocal champion of increasing colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates, reducing CRC-related disparities, and identifying key issues and areas of need around familial CRC and early-onset CRC.

After landmark research was published on early-age onset (EAO) CRC trends, Dr. Schroy championed the work of risk assessment and early-age onset CRC for ACS NCCRT. He served as co-lead and presenter for the 2017 ACS NCCRT EAO CRC Summit. He is the key driver and lead volunteer on the Risk Assessment & Screening Toolkit and hosted ACS NCCRT’s first Blue Star Conversation. In 2022, Dr. Schroy led ACS NCCRT to conduct market research on how to encourage on-time screening with lead-time messaging. He continues to conduct CRC-related research, publish academic papers, present on the work of ACS NCCRT at national conferences, chair advisory committees for ACS NCCRT projects, and help set ACS NCCRT’s national priorities each year.

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