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Updated ACS social media guidelines further protect the brand

Team members and volunteers encouraged to review the latest guidance.

Amid the Super Bowl buzz earlier this year, unlicensed images of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began to surface on social media with the ACS I Love You Get Screened branding, prompting a closer look at our current social media guidance. As part of ongoing efforts to protect the ACS brand, the social media guidelines have been updated to offer better guidance for ACS team members and volunteers and to support decision-making.

A new, at-a-glance graphic now outlines some best practices, and a more expansive reference document details additional specifics related to content creation, permissions for use of image and likeness, protecting the reputation of the organization, and requesting new ACS social media pages.

Though our social media guidance has been updated, some best practices haven’t changed such as:

  • Celebrating and amplifying the work from the American Cancer Society on your personal social media pages 
  • Sharing (not copying or taking screenshots) social media posts from the national American Cancer Society social channels 
  • Engaging with our Facebook Groups and American Cancer Society owned social media pages like Coaches vs. Cancer, by liking and commenting on posts.

All ACS team members and volunteers are encouraged to review the Social Media Guidance document for a complete overview and approved best practices for leveraging social media to amplify our mission. 

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