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ACS awards Transportation and Lodging Grants

Cancer care delays can increase emergency room rates and mortality risk.

Cancer care often means frequent medical appointments and travel far from home to get the best treatment. To alleviate the financial burden of cancer treatment, the American Cancer Society has awarded $9.2 million in transportation and lodging grants. These funds will provide 830,000 transportation and lodging services for 81,500 eligible patients offered through 500 health system partners. The Patient Transportation and Lodging Grant program provides a chance for health systems to build a portfolio of services that meet their community's needs and deliver services to patients who need it most.

“Transportation obstacles or the cost of a hotel room should not be barriers that determine the survival of those needing cancer treatment,” said Dr. Arif Kamal, chief patient officer. “Providing funding to health systems and organizations across the country to deliver the direct assistance needed helps to fill these equity gaps and improves cancer outcomes.”

When the most effective treatment requires traveling away from home, patients facing a lack of reliable and affordable transportation and lodging can experience missed appointments, treatment interruptions, and incomplete follow-up care. In a 2023 Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) study, ACS researchers found that delayed care due to lack of transportation is associated with increased emergency room use and mortality risk among adults with and without cancer history.

The program’s grant cycle is 12 months long and runs from April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025.​

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