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New course available for health and fitness professionals

Partners can receive a discount in July for the ACSM-ACS Cancer Exercise Specialist Course.

ACS has partnered with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to develop the ACSM-ACS Cancer Exercise Specialist Course. The course is designed for health care and fitness practitioners looking to provide safe, effective, and individualized exercise programs to anyone living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis. A discount code (ACSPARTNER) is available for the month of July for 20 percent off the price of the course. 

Research consistently shows that physical activity has benefits for cancer survivors, including during active treatment. The American Cancer Society Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors recommend that physical activity assessment and counseling begin as soon as possible after diagnosis, with the goal of helping patients prepare for treatments, tolerate and respond to treatments, and manage some cancer-related symptoms and treatment-related side effects.

The new ACSM-ACS Cancer Exercise Specialist Course is designed to increase the number of practitioners able to provide advice and deliver safe, effective, and individualized exercise and physical activity programs based on the most current evidence.

During July, ACS partners (volunteers, health systems, community organizations, etc.) can get 20 percent off the price of the course using the code ACSPARTNER. See the promotional flyer on Brand toolkit for more information and a link to register for the course. 

The program is appropriate for:

  • Certified fitness professionals, especially those holding ACSM Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-EP®) and Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-CEP®) certifications.
  • Health professionals, including physical therapists and PT assistants, rehabilitation therapists, nurses and nurse practitioners, physicians and physician assistants who specialize in working with people with cancer.

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