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Dr. Wender looks back on Countdown to 2018

The blog on the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable site now includes a new entry by Rich Wender, MD, our chief cancer control officer, and Anjelica Davis, president of Fight Colorectal Cancer, recapping the March 1 Countdown to 2018 live broadcast from the Hard Rock Café in New York City.

"We’re seeing incredible gains in the screening rate, including nearly 4 million additional adults age 50 and older screened between 2013 and 2015 alone – which will mean 39,000 lives saved if we can keep the rate up," they wrote.​

"A spectacular byproduct of setting an audacious goal like 80% by 2018 is collaboration. Bold goals tend to spark ideas, strengthen team efforts, and pool resources, so that together we can achieve great things. Across the country, we have seen 80% by 2018 partners work together and collaborate in their own communities to turn bridges and buildings blue, to screen more patients in practice, and to pitch in and figure out how we prevent our friends, families and neighbors from getting this disease."

The event showcased an array of advocates for screening, including journalist Katie Couric, whose first husband died of colon cancer at age 42; actor Luke Perry, whose best friend’s wife was diagnosed with the disease; Broadway actress Karen Walsh, a survivor; professional race car driver Scott Lagasse Jr., and more. 

Read the full entry here. It includes statistics on viewers and social media engagements.

And, if you missed the broadcast or want to watch it again, here's the link to the Countdown to 2018 replay.​

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