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CEOs across the country participate in first ever Fit2BeCancerFree challenge

On April 19, our CEO Gary Reedy and other CEOs across the country participated in our first ever CEOs fitness challenge – Fit2BeCancerFree​​.​ 

CEOs Against Cancer chapter members were invited to participate in this one-day virtual fitness challenge to inspire healthy and active lifestyles within the workplace. The challenge was also designed to help corporate leaders build awareness, lead by example, and make a measurable difference in saving lives from cancer. 

CEOs and executive leaders tracked their steps using a step tracking device donated by Garmin. Real-time updates were posted throughout the day on a live leaderboard

David Rainey, a Board member from Stone Energy Corporation, took first place in the challenge. Rainey logged an impressive 64,719 steps for a total distance of 32 miles! For all you step trackers out there, you know how hard it can be to get the recommended 10,000 steps in a day. Congratulations to David!

Right behind him was Wendy Perry, managing director for Merck in Puerto Rico, logging 59,655 steps and 27 miles. 

In total, Fit2BeCancerFree participants logged 658,883 steps for a total distance of 322 miles! 

Leaders at many of the companies – like Boehringer Ingleheim in New England, Minor League Baseball in Florida, ION in California, and Triple-S in Puerto Rico – held events to encourage staff to increase their physical activity during the workday.

In addition to inspiring healthy and active lifestyles, the Fit2BeCancerFree challenge was also a fundraising opportunity. Each participant made a $2,500 donation to the American Cancer Society.

PHOTOS: The large top photo shows staff in Atlanta taking a walk-break with Gary. Pictured in the small photo is Bobby Garcia, president and chief executive officer of Triple-S Management Corporation with Triple-S employees.

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