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Board approves new volunteer leadership model

‚ÄčThe American Cancer Society Board of Directors has approved the recommendations of the Advisory Group on Volunteer Engagement for a new volunteer leadership model. The goal is to position volunteers so they can be successful in implementing strategic growth plans for both our mission and development initiatives.

The Board of Directors on April 26 approved the following recommendations:

  • Establish a volunteer leadership Board in each of the 46 defined markets in the regional operating model.
  • Establish a Regional Advisory Cabinet in each of the six Regions to serve as an innovation and collaboration forum comprised of Board chairs and other select leadership volunteers.
  • Maintain a volunteer leadership structure at the community or state level that ensures the community and/or state goals outlined in the market plan are achieved. These structures will be called Councils.

Implementation work will now begin, and probably take the remainder of this year. The Transition Workgroup of the 19-member Advisory Group will be developing a comprehensive plan and resources that will help each market form their new Board. The next steps and timeline will be developed in partnership with Regional volunteers and staff. That partnership discussion will begin at the May 8 Leadership Forum meeting in Atlanta. This group is comprised of all Division Board chairs and Regional EVPs.

For more information, read the Volunteer Engagement Advisory Group Recommendations Presentation and the Volunteer Engagement Advisory Group Recommendations Report.

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