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May Society Talk replay is now up!

Thanks for tuning in to our May Society Talk. A recording of the program is available here.

Below are some of the highlights of the show: 

  • Long-time volunteer Jeff Kean, chair, Advisory Group on Volunteer Engagement, provided the details of our new volunteer leadership structure. It will include market boards in the 46 defined markets, and they will be the center of energy, he said. Those boards will have a chair and vice chair, and will be in place before the holiday season begins. We'll also have Regional Advisory Cabinets in each of the six Regions to serve as innovation and collaboration forums, comprised of the market Board chairs and other select leadership volunteers. And, finally, we will maintain a volunteer leadership structure at the community or state level in the form of Councils.
  • CEO Gary Reedy said we actually are creating more volunteer leadership roles not fewer, and he said he looks forward to those leaders coming up with more creative and innovative ways to raise money and deliver on our mission promises.
  • Each of the market Boards will have someone from the Advisory Group on Volunteer Engagement providing guidance.
  • Gary noted that at its recent meeting, the Board of Directors not only approved the new volunteer leadership structure, it also approved a venture fund. Its purpose is to raise money for research.
  • Mike Neal senior executive vice president, Field Operations, reported that we're now in Phase 4 of Fit for Purpose, with just a few Phase 3 jobs still open. "Phase 4 is our largest group, the front line people working in communities," he said. We're still on track to make the July 1 deadline, he said.
  • Mike said the firm we hired is still working to identify the remaining three EVPs that need to be hired. Recently, Brant Woodward, a longtime Society staffer, was named EVP of the Southeast Region. 
  • Gary said changes have been made at Global Headquarters to ensure that it is staffed to support the new regional structure. Some staffers have gone to the field, while others have lost their jobs. Gary said the organization has to be as lean as possible so we can put more money back into the mission, although he expressed regret that the organization does not have room for all the great talent we have.
  • Mike noted that Talent Strategy is working on severance packages for staff who are not slotted or hired for other jobs within the organization.
  • Rob King, senior VP, Enterprise Planning and Business Integration, announced that an Engagement Forum is being launched on Yammer to solicit staff and volunteer feedback about the changes we are undergoing. Influencers, eager to help drive the new ACS, will be involved in the project, and someone will be monitoring the conversations. 
  • Mike and Gary noted that a diverse workforce is a key goal. In fact, it's one of Gary's work goals. Gary said "we have to get serious about this once and for all." 
  • Gary shared his excitement about our first Fit2BeCancerFree challenge for CEOs, and thanked all the CEOs who stepped up to model incorporating physical activity into the workday.
  • He gave a shout out to three galas that reported fantastic fundraising totals this year: the Discovery Ball in Chicago broke a fundraising record for us, raising $6 million!  The Cattle Baron's Ball in Houston raised $1.7 million, and the Key Gala, benefitting the Hope Lodge in Boston, netted nearly $1 million.
  • On a sad note, Gary reported that Board Chair Arnold Baskies, MD, was absent from the recent Board meeting because his young granddaughter has a malignant tumor on her spine. 
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