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Society sets up a Hurricane Harvey fund to help cancer patients in need

​During storms like Hurricane Harvey, cancer patients face life-threatening obstacles. They may have had to relocate miles away from their treatment centers, and perhaps the people they relied on to get them to treatment are busy putting their own lives back together.

Many relief agencies are doing wonderful work, but the American Cancer Society is uniquely qualified to assist cancer patients, caregivers, and providers impacted by the storm.

Through a special fund setup just for cancer patients impacted by the storm, we will go above our normal operational efforts to support the needs of cancer patients and providers. Examples include helping evacuated patients find providers, temporary housing, and transportation when traveling to appointments. Additionally, these funds will be used to connect patients and providers during the rebuilding process, as displaced patients and providers start to settle in at their new locales, or move back home.

We will not be providing direct financial support to patients. We will work with local hotels, transportation companies, and pharmacies to provide support for patients being treated for cancer. We provide lodging and transportation to cancer patients as one of our core services all year round, and have a proven system for delivering services. If the need arises as the hurricane season progresses, we will look for ways to support our efforts to assist cancer patients in additional communities, as well.

Cancer patients in need of temporary lodging for treatment, transportation to local cancer treatments, and other cancer-related needs, should contact us at 1-800-227-2345. Additionally, we're in contact with local hospitals and health systems to see what needs they have.

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