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Breast cancer survivor aims to attend Relays in all 50 states

‚ÄčIn 2010, not quite eight weeks after Denise Mozal (above, center) completed her treatment for breast cancer, her son's friends formed a Relay For Life team in her honor. "I thought, if they could walk for me, I could walk for my family members who have had cancer . . .It was amazing and the people who supported me truly touched my heart," she said.

Then she walked with her sister at a Relay in Indiana. After, that she attended a Relay in Arizona with her daughter. With three Relays down, she launched a mission to walk in 47 more!

Now, she has just eight states to go: New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Alaska, Colorado, and Illnois, and New Mexico.

All of this in chronicled on her blog. She is a celebrity in the Relay world and welcomed with open arms at events. While at Relays, she swaps stories with other survivors and, with their permission, shares their stories and photos on her blog.

"When I hear survivors share that they are over 30 years cancer free, I feel uplifted," she said. 

Watch a TV interview with Denise here.

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, I felt helpless at first. Then I decided that although I could not control the fact that I had cancer, I could try to do something to help prevent my children from dealing with cancer in their lifetime. Instead of getting mad I wanted to get moving toward a cure," Denise wrote. 

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