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All volunteers encouraged to take the new 15-minute Privacy Training and Acknowledgement training

The new year brings with it a brand new privacy training for our volunteers that is only 15-minutes long.

Based on feedback from volunteers, our Legal and Volunteer Engagement departments teamed up to revamp the privacy training required for many of our volunteers who handle patient and donor information in their role.

This training -- Privacy Training and Acknowledgement -- can be found on the Volunteer Learning Center under the Orientation category. All of our volunteers are encouraged to take this class.

"It is important for volunteers to have privacy training because they, too, are stewards of constituents' personal information," said Corey Cutter, a contract attorney in our Legal Department. "The Society has a legal and ethical duty to safeguard the personal information shared by its constituents, and this duty extends to volunteers who assist the Society in its mission." 

The new training was cut from 30 minutes. In addition, volunteers can now read and electronically agree to the Society's privacy and confidentiality agreement. 

"All new volunteers are asked to take the training, and we hope existing volunteers will complete the training, as well, as it's easy to access and takes so little time," said Dru Wheat, regional director of Volunteer Engagement.

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