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CRC news: Northeast Region wants you to #ShareYourScreen

‚ÄčNortheast Region launches #ShareYourScreen social media campaign 

This clever campaign asks people to share their screen. No, no, they are not asking people to share a photo of their colonoscopy, they are asking people to share a photo of their phone's lock screen. Watch this cute video for instructions. Here are written instructions:

  1. Take a screenshot of your smartphone lock screen. To do so, hold down the home and top or side buttons for most iPhones, or hold down the home and power button for most Androids.
  2. Post the screenshot as a photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram along with the following message: "I'm sharing my screen to help the @AmericanCancerSociety raise awareness of colon cancer screening. If you're 50 or older, get screened! Now, I challenge you to #ShareYourScreen to keep this message going!"
  3. Tag up to three friends in the post, challenging each of them to #ShareYourScreen. 

New 80% by 2018 blog 

new 80% by 2018 blog features the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic, the Grand Prize recipient of the 2018 80% by 2018 National Achievement Awards. Read about their incredible work increasing screening rates from 14% to 64%, even as their patient base surged! 

New PSA from Katie Couric

Watch and share Katie Couric's new PSA.  Also, follow Katie's outreach efforts on colorectal cancer screening this month on Instagram and Twitter @KatieCouric.  

New CDC Screen for Life PSA Videos

New Screen for Life PSAs use animation to encourage men and women 50+ to get screened for colorectal cancer.  Titled "Community Garden," the PSAs are available in English and Spanish. Check out their website to view these informative PSAs!

White House declares March National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

The White House has declared this March, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, thanks to the many National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable members who reached out to the White House earlier in the year to ensure this was a priority.  

New resource on Do's and Don't of CRC Screening

The Dos and Don'ts of Colorectal Cancer Screening was created by Georgia Colorectal Cancer Roundtable and their many partners.  It has been endorsed by ACS, NCCRT, and medical organizations in Georgia. 

NCCRT seeking proposals to develop a Links of Care training

The NCCRT has issued a request for proposals to develop a web-based training that draws from the best practices and lessons learned from the NCCRT's Links of Care model. The Links of Care pilots, launched in 2014, sought to strengthen the relationships between community health centers and the medical neighborhood in the delivery of colorectal cancer screening and follow up care. Its goal is to provide local communities with online access to the framework, advice, and tools and templates needed to develop a strong collaboration between health centers and specialty providers in order to improve the delivery of colorectal cancer screening and follow up care for patients in need. The deadline for proposals is April 6, 2018Email notification of intent to apply is due March 23. Please email Emily Bell, NCCRT associate director, with any questions related to the RFP. 


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