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Trainings that will help you in your volunteer, personal, and professional roles!

​The National Volunteer Training Team (NVTT) is excited to be offering several live webinar trainings that will better prepare volunteer leaders and their staff partners to be successful in their roles! 

These 90-minute interactive webinars are conducted by volunteer facilitators and address subjects that are relevant for all volunteers, whether that be navigating through the Relay planning cycle or supporting a program in your Region. You will not only find the strategies discussed helpful in your volunteer role, but also in your personal and professional roles.  

We welcome you to sign up for as many of these webinar topics that peak your interest!  Please visit the Volunteer Learning Center, create an account (if you haven't already), and sign up today! 

Offerings include:

Change Savvy

A change savvy individual understands why business change is constant and what they need to do to succeed. Learn about the stages of organizational and personal change, how to support yourself and others, and strategize about how to thrive.  

Sharing Our Story

"What does the American Cancer Society do?” is a question that many volunteers are asked every day. Learners will review key organizational literacy facts and figures that demonstrate the breadth of the work of the American Cancer Society. Participants will have the opportunity to craft their personalized response and have an opportunity to share and get peer feedback.

Making the Ask

You have built a relationship with a volunteer and think that you are getting to the point where you want to ask for their commitment to a task, role, or position. How do you move from a contact to a connection? Get practical tips for making a commitment ask.

Beyond Making the Ask

You have made an ask of a volunteer and you have a yes, no, or somewhere in between. What do you do in those scenarios? How do you follow up to keep the relationship growing? Connect with your peers on how they are building relationships beyond the ask regardless of the outcome.

Communication Not Confrontation

Dive deeper into overcoming conflict.  Most of the time conflict is the direct result of a conversation you are not having, or if you are having it, it is not going well.  We lay out a process to help you plan for that conversation, as well as steps to take to start a conversation in the right way to put the relationship at the center.

The Working Partnership Agreement

Be a “fly on the wall” for a partnership agreement discussion.  A Partnership Agreement is the basis of a great relationship between volunteers and staff and, if done well, is a living, working document that changes and develops throughout your time in a role and your overall career.

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