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Seeking volunteers for new roles within our Volunteer Engagement Team

Our Volunteer Engagement Team has a new structure that, when in place, will have far more volunteers in positions than staff – an 8 to 1 ration to be exact.

These volunteer teams will play a critical role in informing, developing, and implementing nationwide strategies for the recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and engagement of our volunteers. Some of these teams are already in place, and more opportunities will be added.

We are recruiting members for the four teams listed below. If you know someone who is interested in serving on one of these new teams, please have them fill out this questionnaire

  • American Cancer Society Volunteer Product Council:  This group will help ensure that the volunteer staff partnership remains the heart of everything we do. "Our overarching priority is to maximize the volunteer staff partnership," said Diana Diaz, volunteer chair of the council. "The volunteer who might be interested in this team is one who has had an opportunity to work across program roles with ACS. We need volunteers who aren't afraid to identify where we fall short, and who are able to utilize data to develop strategies that will support volunteer engagement (recruitment, development, retention."
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer Performance and Evaluation Team:  This team is looking for volunteers who have an interest and/or expertise with our Volunteer Engagement products and services, and are knowledgeable about performance and evaluation. It will be responsible for providing insight into business data analysis and customer trends, prioritizing projects and identifying solutions in areas of data support on engagement surveys, evaluation, metric development and market trends, and monitoring quality assurance.
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer Technology Strategy and Implementation Team: This team is looking for volunteers who have an interest and/or expertise with our Volunteer Engagement products and services, and are comfortable with technology. This team will provide leadership in technology strategy; model and promote technology use to volunteers; advise the training and roll-out of new technologies to volunteers; advise design and customer support process; review content and feedback; and test systems, experience, and processes on programs such as Salesforce, Office 365, and the Volunteer Learning Center.
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer Recognition Workgroup: This group will be made up of volunteers who have an interest and/or expertise in recognition practices and standards. The team will strategize and implement recognition requirements and best practices for ACS; apply business metrics and evaluation data to improve recognition standards, specifically for National Volunteer Week; partner with Regions to provide strategic support of recognition requirements; develop partnerships with other organizations to enhance recognition standards; and ensure our products support our diversity and inclusion strategy.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  - Helen Keller

 "As our department went through an organizational design process, we were committed to identifying meaningful roles that volunteers could play, both in the overall strategy development and the daily execution of our work," said Eustacia Mahoney, vice president for Volunteer Engagement. 

"Engaging volunteer leaders is a critical component to ACS remaining viable and relevant," said Tim Osterholm, volunteer co-chair of the Volunteer Engagement team's organizational design process. "There will be even more opportunities, as we continue to build our diversity and grow as an organization."  

Working with volunteers is not new to members of the Volunteer Engagement team. There are several volunteer teams currently in place:

  • The nearly two-year-old National Volunteer Training Team (NVTT), which offers virtual trainings to fellow volunteers
  • Volunteer recognition teams that help develop and guide the process for prestigious ACS awards like the St. George Medal of Honor, Lane Adams, Volunteer Leadership, Trish Greene, and the newly established Volunteer Staff Partnership.  These teams are led by volunteers and guide the process for volunteer award nominations, including the review and selection of the nominees and determining the format for recognition.
  • The Gen2End Roundtable of volunteers and staff from all different areas of the organization who work with young professionals regularly. The Roundtable is led by young professional volunteer leaders who have significant ACS and ACS CAN experience among them. Their goal is to come up with ways to get more young professionals involved in all aspects of our mission.

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